This is Sculpture

This vast ball, the Earth, was moulded out of clay, and baked in fire;
Men, women, and all animals that breathe are statues, and not paintings.
My name is Michal Jackowski. I am a sculptor.

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Recent projects I have designed & developed

Through sculpture I shape not only plastic material, but also my inner self and the world around me

Artist statement

The sculpture is a way of materializing my man-centered insights in a way that remains inaccessible to painting or other creative techniques. It is an attempt to overcome the matter, my own way of exceeding the cold and voiceless of marble or bronze, unleashing their hidden potential. A man and a woman, body, space, thought, endless search for meaning, everyday life, future and past – I find every one of these elements in sculpture. Each time differently, seeing further details. I do it persistently, openly, often by reaching more demanding projects.

Michal Jackowski

(b. 9/14/1978)

Sculptor, known for his large-scale implementations in marble, bronze. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a university degree in restoration of works of art. Master of Arts. Author of more than 150 spatial realizations in Poland, Ukraine, Turkey and Austria. Major themes that run throughout his works are related to the man, his interpersonal relations and affiliations with nature. Read more

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