Michał Jackowski was born on September 14, 1978 in Białystok, Poland. He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Poland. At the centre of his compositions are people, their spiritual condition, and interpersonal relations. By using timeless, classical aesthetics Michał frames eternal questions that we all need to confront. Antique elements go hand in hand with those lifted from the world of pop-culture to encourage viewers not only to reflect upon themselves but also their connection with the past as well as the here and now.

Michal Jackowski at work

Michal Jackowski at work

“The human being is always central to my interests: the values that shape us and the relationships we build with others. By exploring human desires and emotions, many questions about the modern condition intrigue me. I try to answer them through sculpture, at the same time sculpting myself slowly day by day. My main artistic mission is to raise afterthoughts in those who engage with my work. Through art I hope to touch core feelings and stimulate reflection. Classicism is the universal language of art, a timeless code. Pop culture is the very substantial “Here and now”. I work with symbols from both of these traditions. I introduce modern elements into a classical form in order to ask viewers:

Who are you? What relationships do you have with others?

Can you see the person in a human being? See their beauty? Can you experience him or her?

Is your path the one you have chosen?

Do you dare to experience deeply?

Can you truly engage with another person? Can you love?”


2020-2021 ZAMEK W PUŁTUSKTU, Community of Values, solo exhibition

2019 – 2020 WARSAW, POLAND -50th Floor ZŁOTA 44 , exposition with ARTUTITO Gallery

2019 – 2020 WARSAW, POLAND, RAFFELS Hotel Europejski- exposition at ARTUTITO Gallery


2020 BERGAMO, ITALY – BAF BERGAMO ARTE FIERRA, Exhbition at Cris Contini Contemporary;

2019 – 2020 WARSAW, POLAND – BUSINESS CENTRE CLUB Exposition at Lubomirski Palace;

2019 WARSAW, Poland, MAGICAL VIP PARTY at Złota 44;

2019 MIAMI – Scope Miami Beach, THINK+FEEL Contemporary art gallery;

2019 LONDON – Artrooms Awards London, International Contemporary Art Competition for Independent Artists;

2019 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND – solo exhibition, Internal Independence at Opera Podlaska;

2019 LUXEMBOURG – art3f;artfair exhibition

2019 ROMA – Artrooms Fair Roma, International Contemporary Art Fair for Independent Artists;

2018 COMO, ITALY – Le Cinque anime della scultura; group of 4 artist exhibition

2018 ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – International Art Fair;

2018 BASEL, SWITZERLAND – ArtBasel week, Art Fair;

2018 BIAŁYSTOK, POLAND – The Night of Museums;solo exhibition in Karny Sculpture Museum

2018 LONDON – Parallax Art Fair;

2017 FLORENCE – XI Florence Biennale;

2017 WARSAW, POLAND – Exhibition in Your Art Maison Gallery;



2020 Artistic Award of the President of the City of Białystok for the entirety of creative work so far;

2019 Two prizes during Artrooms Awards CompetitionLondon:
Vastari Museums Platform;

2019 Two prizes during Artrooms Fair Roma:
Premio Umberto Mortari,

2017 two prizes during Florence International Art Biennale:
4th place in sculpture,
Special mention from president of Biennale;



2020 “Emanations. To profesor Jerzy Malinowski on the occasion of his 70th birthday”, edited by Małgorzata Geron, Polish Institute of World Art Studies, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland;

2020 “Il Manifesto”Roma, 13 SETTEMBRE 2020, interview with prof. Giuseppe Pucci (University of Siena, Italy);

2019 “Internal Independence”, prof. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz, dr Marcin Zgliński, Opera and Philharmonic, Białystok, Poland;

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2017 Alicja Meryńska, Podróż do początków sztuki, „Art Papier” 2017, nr 6 (318) z 15 marca:

2017 Marta Haiger ,”La Vie” Magazine Poland ,printed and online: http://www.laviemag.pl/lekkosc-marmuru/

2016 “Rynek i Sztuka” Polish art Magazine- interview:

Online catalogues

Exhibition (Your Art Maison Galery, Warsaw 2017)

Exhibition (Your Art Maison Galery, Warsaw 2017)