„Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play”…

Can love pass away? Is it only a game of illusion? An easy game rather than an everlasting promise? Do you rebel against an opinion that love is only a short term play? Have all the important values become relative and impermanent?
Or perhaps they have always been superficial? Just like a beauty of Aphrodite – the material beauty of an object, the one that pass, cracks and changes into dust. Do you feel that the beauty of yesterdays is the one closest to your heart?

Do you wonder what the future has in store? How do you see yourself in the future? Who would you like to be?
Can you influence the future? Do you already work on your own progress?
When building your future do you start from scratch? Or perhaps you base it on well known universal truths?
The ones that are the foundation of the world as you know it.
Is it possible that everything is temporary and we need new truths for new times?

Do you think that everything will pass?

Including what you are building right now?