Sticky Pink Searching

What relationships you have with others?

What are you aiming for in those relationships?
Do you care for them?

Are they long lasting and meaningful?

Do you engage with them with honesty and awareness?
With concern about the other person? Or perhaps you only enter them for a brief moment.
Driven by your instinct and to fulfill your own needs?
Is your approach to relationships is rather immature, based on an assumption that you can detach yourself at any moment?
Do you give up when the thrill is gone?

After the sweetness fades away and shallow relationship lost its taste – do you then spit it out like a pink chewing gum?
What is left of such relationships?
What attachments stay with you?
Do they leave good memories?
Or make you feel heavy and leave you with memories difficult to erase?
Can you look into other people eyes willing to see them?
Are you trying to find different ways to discover the truth about the other person?
Are you afraid?