Single Image

Three graces is a timeless topic taken up by artists in various epochs. We know their performances from the Greeks through Rubens, Canova and many others. They were often an expression of the ideal of the female body and the canon of a given era.

My three graces are symbolically intertwined with one drapery and stand in one stream of the river, each holding one golden apple. Apple has a rich symbolism from mythology to the Bible and is usually associated with bad choice and temptation. My three graces are losing their individuality, their faces brutally cut with a mirror of gold. We cannot look them in the eye, and the reflection we see will always be a look through the golden filter of consumption. “Single Image” is therefore a question and a story about the pursuit of the only pattern imposed on us by the river of our epoch and its “mainstream”


Do you go into the same mainstream river with others? Do you appreciate what makes you different from others? but are you following the expectations and patterns of your times? Are you afraid of being unfashionable? Do you still feel yourself and have your will? Looking into your eyes, will I see an exceptional man there or will I see the hackneyed opinions of the general public? face or just my golden reflection because you are looking at me through the consumption filter? Does the mainstream bring with it wisdom and knowledge that is worth reaching for like an apple in paradise? or is it rather the Golden Apple of Discord?