“I can’t get no satisfaction”

What role does money play in your life? It rules you and is the sole purpose of desire? Is consumption your only ambition? Are you able to truly Be in a world that is oriented towards having? Do you submit to the voice of the majority, even if it is contrary to your ideals and values? Hand in hand with others are you chasing money?
Do you think that fulfillment can be achieved by focusing only on material goods? And can this fulfillment be long-term? Is there a point at all where you can safely say “I have enough, I don’t need any more”? Do you think you can achieve inner balance without maintaining a healthy balance between having and being? Or maybe you are like Bacchus drunk with luxury, in a wreath of banknotes, the rustle of which drowns deeper desires. Like Bacchus, who is sick with excess, chokes on luxury, and the golden circle of money sucks you in … and you become one with it. Gold coin. The flat slave of the circle.
Does this life give you satisfaction?