The sculptures from the ongoing series Antic Games by using timeless, classical aesthetics visualise everlasting problems with which everyone needs to confront. Classical elements go hand in hand with those borrowed from the world of pop-culture and encourage the viewers to reflect upon themselves as well as their here and now. The artist, deeply rooted in the traditions of antiquity, binds the latter with our modern mythology of consumerism. His endeavours often result in vivid, striking works. Among the principal characters of his objects one can count both the ideas like beauty personified by Aphrodite or narcissism embodied by ancient god Apollo as well as common “Everyman” pictured via unindividualised, classical female and male faces. Pop art symbols including speech balloons, chewing gums or the Beatles song lyrics juxtaposed with the above elements result in deep, intriguing and contrasting relationship, which, as the artist hopes, will inspire viewers to start a meaningful dialogue with the art works.

The sculptures from the ongoing series Circles of Life consider the topic of the body.
The leitmotif of this cycle is a union between a woman and a man, their complementarity and permeation. Here, together with the corporeal integrity the artist explores their spiritual solidarity. We can see this attempt in the portrait of a couple, captured in a melancholic, dreamy pose, which strives for emotional and physical intimacy. Therefore, they overcome the distance between each other, as well as the limitations of the ties that confine them. Their struggles can be seen both as a literal and a metaphorical depiction of the everlasting energy between feminine and masculine elements present in the nature.

Social Mirror

Carrara marble, 26x16x18 cm

Social Mirror

Bronze, gold 22x14x14 cm


Carrara marble, bronze, 52x170x52 cm

Single Image

Carrara marble, 75x75x36 cm

Single Image

Bronze, gold 30x20x8 cm


Carrara marble, 76x34x52 cm


Bronze, 76x34x52 cm

Sticky Pink

Carrara marble (colored partially), 113x22x27 cm

Empty Gold

Carrara marble, gilded with 24K Gold, 71x48x57 cm

Empty Gold Galaxy

Bronze, gilded with 24K gold inside, 44x29x26 cm

Fast Food

Carrara marble collored and gilded, bronze, oak wood, 98x96x66 cm

Why She...

Carrara marble, 31x55x26 cm or 33x31x58 cm

Why She...II

Carrara marble, 56x33x31 cm

Why She...II

Bronze, 106x52x44 cm

Dreaming of Him

Carrara marble, 97x120x28 cm

Dreaming of Him II

Bronze, 104x54x51 cm


Carrara marble, 61x27x35 cm


Bronze, 59x34x25 cm


SCREAM OF THE EARTH, Carrara marble, 60x64x190 cm
SELF DESTRUCTIVE, Carrara marble, 81x76x190 cm


SCREAM OF THE EARTH, Bronze, 41x19x16 cm
SELF DESTRUCTIVE, Bronze, 54x17x19 cm

Sticky Pink Searching

Carrara marble (relief)


Carrara marble, 84x84x4 cm (collored, gilded with 24K Gold)


Bronze, 84x84x4 cm (collored, gilded with 24K Gold)


Carrara marble, 64x68x18 cm


Carrara marble, 67x67x15 cm


Carrara marble, 67x67x15 cm