The sculptures from the ongoing series Antic Games by using timeless, classical aesthetics visualise everlasting problems with which everyone needs to confront. Classical elements go hand in hand with those borrowed from the world of pop-culture and encourage the viewers to reflect upon themselves as well as their here and now. The artist, deeply rooted in the traditions of antiquity, binds the latter with our modern mythology of consumerism. His endeavours often result in vivid, striking works. Among the principal characters of his objects one can count both the ideas like beauty personified by Aphrodite or narcissism embodied by ancient god Apollo as well as common “Everyman” pictured via unindividualised, classical female and male faces. Pop art symbols including speech balloons, chewing gums or the Beatles song lyrics juxtaposed with the above elements result in deep, intriguing and contrasting relationship, which, as the artist hopes, will inspire viewers to start a meaningful dialogue with the art works.

The sculptures from the ongoing series Circles of Life consider the topic of the body.
The leitmotif of this cycle is a union between a woman and a man, their complementarity and permeation. Here, together with the corporeal integrity the artist explores their spiritual solidarity. We can see this attempt in the portrait of a couple, captured in a melancholic, dreamy pose, which strives for emotional and physical intimacy. Therefore, they overcome the distance between each other, as well as the limitations of the ties that confine them. Their struggles can be seen both as a literal and a metaphorical depiction of the everlasting energy between feminine and masculine elements present in the nature.


Carrara marble, 76x34x52 cm

„Yesteraday, love was such an easy game to play”…

Can love pass away? Is it only a game of ilus-sion? An easy game rather than an everlast-ing promise? Do you rebel against an opinion that love is only a short term play? Have all the important values become relative and impermanent? Or perhaps they have always been superficial? Just like a beauty of Aph-rodite – the material beauty of an object, the one that pass, cracks and changes into dust. Do you feel that the beauty of yesterdays is the one closest to your heart?

Do you wonder what the future has in store? How do you see yourself in the future? Who would you like to be? Can you influence the future? Do you already work on your own progress? When building your future do you start from scratch? Or perhaps you base it on well known universal truths? The ones that are the foundation of the world as you know it. Is it possible that everything is temporary and we need new truths for new times?

Do you think that everything will pass?

Including what you are building right now?

Sticky Pink

Carrara marble (colored partially), 113x22x27 cm

What relationship do you have with others? What are you aiming for in those relationships? Do you care for them? Are they long lasting and meaningful? Do you engage with them with honesty and awereness? With conerns about the other person? Or pehaps you only enter them for a brief moment. Driven by your intstinct and to fulfill your own needs? Is your approach to relationships immature, based on an assumption that you can deatach yourself at any moment? Do you give up when the thrill is gone?

After the sweetness fades away and shallow relationship loses its taste – do you then spit it out like a pink chewing gum? What is left of such relationships? What attachments stay with you? Do they leave good memories? Or make you feel heavy and leave you with memories difficult to erase? Can you look into other people eyes willing to see them? Are you trying to find different ways to discover the truth about the other person?

Are you afraid?

Empty Gold

Carrara marble, gilded with 24K Gold, 71x48x57 cm

What do you find most important in another person? The beautiful face of Aphrodite or what is hidden underneath?Are you content with an attractive appearance or do you look deeper? Does external beauty always guarantee internal beauty? Or perhaps there is nothing but emptiness in there? Maybe all that glitters is not gold…

How about we start to experience the other person by reaching to his/her soul?

Could it reveal true and everlasting values?

What is your way of finding beauty in another person?

Fast Food

Carrara marble collored and gilded, bronze, oak wood, 98x96x66 cm

In the world of useless information, superficial beauty and money domination, do you dare to reach for something deeper? Are you satisfied with a tempting flavor of a golden topping of pop culture or does it disgust you? Do you yield to temptation of simple pleasures?

Do you consume whatever is given to you and let it take you over? Or do you search deeper? Do you desire something different than a hastily prepared sandwich filled with mass-media news and dollars instead of green lettuce? Are you looking for reflection, truth and inner beauty – values which require you to wait?

Why She...

Carrara marble, 31x55x26 cm or 33x31x58 cm

What sort of man are you? How do you percive a woman? Do you fully accept her complexity? Apart from her breasts can you also see her personality and spirituality? Do you find those values important? Or do you only see small fragments, like thought bubbles in a comic book? Have you ever put your eyes on a single bodypart, judging it without realising that it belongs to someone?

Are you willing to give? Can you see a woman, rather than only look at her?

Have you ever dreamed about a body part without thinking about a woman as a whole? Have you been told that this type of thinking is approved and correct? Does it makes you feel heartbroken?

Or perhaps confused and thorn apart? What relationship do you have with women? Can you engage in them with responsibility?

Are you willing to give?

Can you see a woman, rather than only look at her?

Dreaming of Him

Carrara marble, 97x120x28 cm

What kind of woman are you? How do you perceive a man? Do you expect him to be handsome, strong and brave? Are you looking for an impeccable perfection? A hero who will meet all your expectations, carry any weight and guarantee you a prosperous life? Can you accept a fact that a man can also be sensitive and sometimes helpless? That in addition to muscles and other wonderful qualities he also has feelings that make him soft?

Can you accept his weaknesses? Can the modern world accept it? When you look at a man, seeing only a proud hero – does it make you feel broken? Does it make you feel ripped apart?

While looking at a man – can you see a human being as a whole?


Carrara marble, 61x27x35 cm

How do you perceive yourself? Are you your own mirror or do you look for your reflection in other people? What if your mirror is a distorting one and if creating your personality and working on your own progress can only be possible through a relationship with another person? Even though it may be a difficult and painful process.

What may be a result of creating illusions about ourselves? What will happen, if we only stick to our own opinions about ourselves without feedback from others? Would it provide a clear image? Or rather a deformed shape – just like wax melted by a candle flame? Do you look for your own reflection in another person?


SCREAM OF THE EARTH, Carrara marble, 60x64x190 cm
SELF DESTRUCTIVE, Carrara marble, 81x76x190 cm

What are your relationships with Nature?
Do you feel a part of it?
Can you feel mutual interactions?

Can you feel that violence towards her influences yourself?

Can you see a hard fist hitting the soft tissue of the Earth, breaking and disintegrating her?

Can you hear her scream of pain? Does it give her a human face? Do we destroy ourselves by using violence?

Does respect to others reduces agression? Can being at peace with others be a key to a peaceuful coexistance with nature?
What are your relationships?


Carrara marble, 70x40x25 cm

Dusk and Down

Carrara marble, 67x67x15 cm


Carrara marble, 64x68x18 cm